This is how the organizers of Mercedes Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup welcome the bikers in Maribor in late April 2019 and early May 2020.
E-mail: booking@worldcup.si
Office: +386 8 388 91 60
Mobile: +386 41 304 925

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Bus shuttles
We strongly advise you to park free at Dvorana Tabor and nearby take the BUS number 6 (we recommend you to buy a ticket, that includes the bus ride), that will drive you directly to the venue.

free of charge parking area will be established close to the entrance of the venue from the direction city center. Parking spaces are very limited, that is why we do not recommend driving to the venue but read on.

Entrance for disabled
Disabled with escort and wheelchair users are granted with free entrance to the event. Please send us the applications by email at info@worldcup.si (please send us license plate number, disabled ID card number and scan).

There will be a special place reserved on the tribune for people in wheelchairs and disabled with escort.

Rules of behavior (pdf)

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In order to attend the World Cup on Saturday and Sunday you will need to have a valid ticket.

Purchase tickets here >


On the day tickets can be purchased at the main entrance next to the Team area A. PLEASE NOTE: on the Day ticket sales may be restricted subject to the number of advance tickets sold.

There are different types of ticket available. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Ticket Prices


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The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is back home for a perfect weekend of thrills and adrenaline at Pohorje. Looking for a good time? We’ll show you how it’s done!

We prepared a 3-day special mountain bike adventure you will never forget. The package includes a mountain bike workshop, guided tour on the surrounding trails, watching the training and the race, and of course, lots of fun.

Ride & Cheer > BUY

Or you can do it by yourself. Take the adrenaline ride from the top of Pohorje along the easy, medium or even the most demanding world cup course. The tracks are suitable for experienced bikers and for those, who want to test their abilities for the first time. Do not have your bike? Don’t panic! It’s not an excuse. Simply borrow the bike directly along the line.

The ultimative place to party during the world cup weekend and enjoy a cold beer is there, where the race course ends. Different DJs will perform every night and you will have the chance to meet some of your favorite bikers!

If you want to feel Maribor at night, welcome to the city center. Enjoy the party mood of Poštna street and rock the night until the first sunshine welcomes you into another race day.

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Dear campers,

we have prepaird for you a camping place in direct vicinity of the Venue. Camp will be opened 23.-29.4.2019. You can find a map of the camp on  following link HERE

The price is 30€/parcel and includes water, electricity and toilet. Surcgarge for city tax – 2,5€/person/day.

Contact for reservation:

  • Although Maribor is considered to be the city of wine with the oldest vine in the world growing close to its riverbank and most of its surrounding hills covered in vineyards, it has a rich history in brewing beer too. Our Beer Tour will take you through some charming places across the city, which are directly connected to the history of beermaking. The tour will be led by the former brewer Franc Čeligi. We know people might get thirsty during this walk so we will stop several times and taste different types of beer. The price includes: a guided tour with Franc Čeligi and an interpretation of tasting of 15 (6 on Quick tour ) beer samples at 4 different stops.

    To beer or not to beer!


  • Underneath the surface every city hides a completely different world, invisible, unknown, mysterious and sometimes scary to most. But on
    the other hand, this underground place gets people excited and stimulates imagination. Deep in its underbelly Maribor citizens used to assemble motors for aircrafts, they hid from bombs, nourished wine, and in some places rock’n’roll was and still is played loudly. Visitors of
    the Down and Under tour will experience all of the above and much more. The price includes: a guided tour of the 3rd Reich factory trenches, visiting and wine tasting in the Central Europe’s largest city wine cellar, the experience of rock’n’roll in a shelter and the making of ma playful vinyl record.

    Don’t be afraid, be curious!


  • from € 43,20 PER PERSON
  • Where we can find water, we also can find life. The seas, lakes and rivers were always splitting and connecting places, cities, people at the same time. And Maribor is no exception. The river Drava was for many centuries the window into the world and rafting on woody boats played an important role in everyday life.

    Participants of the Wet Path will gather at the Čolnarna Ruše and first try out the raft games. Afterwards, they will board the raft and will, accompanied by a life concert sail along the river Drava to the Lobik brewery. In addition to seeing and learning about beer welding processes, there will not be a lack of experience in tasting.


    Duration: 3 hours

    • Price for 1 up to 40 participants: 52,20 €
    • Price for more than 45 participants: 47,76 €
    • Price for more than 50 participants: 46,56 €
    • Price for more than 55 participants: 43,20 €