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Maribor and Pohorje have returned to the map of world venues of this prestigious competition of the best mountain bike riders of the world. The world cup will stop again in one of their first and most popular venues among the competitors.

The Formula One in Mountain Bike, the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, returns to the venue, where mountain bike competitions have been held since 1998, and the last World Cup competition was organized in the season of 2010. In the 1999 Pohorje for the first time hosted such a high level mountain bike competition, which among the participants, journalists and representatives of the UCI World Cycling Federation earned the title of the best in the world of that season.

Exactly 20 years later, mountain bikers return home.

What makes Maribor and Pohorje so special? A unique downhill course, a suitable venue near the big city, and a warm welcome from the locals, who after Alpine Ski World Cup Golden Fox, took the competition for their own.

Welcome Home!

… Slovenia`s second largest city with a very favourable
position at the crossroads of important European routes.

… the city of the world’s oldest vine tree, recorded in the
Guinness Book of Records.

… the European Capital of Culture 2012.

… the European City of Sport 2018 and a place of top athletes
and sports teams.

… a hub of top international festivals.

… a city in the immediate vicinity of the largest ski centre
in Slovenia.

… the city where the famous personalities lived: Wilhelm von
Tegetthoff, Herman Potočnik – Noordung, Anton Martin Slomšek, Archduke Janez, Rudolf Maister, Nikola Tesla, Hugo Wolf.